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Mar 3, 2022

Nexans Colour Series flat TPS range

Identify with the Colour of Power

Make life easy and eliminate guesswork with Nexans Colour Series - cables that are made with the end-user in mind for instant identification and specific application.

You can have confidence in knowing that these products are made by kiwis, for kiwis. Our knowledgable team are proud to ensure high quality products and solutions for the New Zealand building industry.

Access a full range of reliable solutions for every application with Nexans Colour Series.

Harness the colour of power.

Current by name, legend by reputation

Good things should never change; especially when it comes to quality, reliability, and performance.

Current is our original flat TPS cable and also known as ‘Top 5’ in the industry. It is a twin + earth cable used for general power applications. 

Its easy strip-ability makes it quick and simple to install and is made with the electrician in mind. 

Nexans Current also comes with Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP) accreditation.

Cool as a cucumber, mate

Climate is a durable and robust 3 core + earth cable specifically designed with its blue sheath for ease of identification in installing air conditioning units and 3-phase applications.

Manufactured to AS/NZS standards, maintaining safe core configuration and using Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP).

Switched on lighting solutions

Switch is a 3 core TPS cable designed specifically for lighting applications and ease of identification with its yellow sheath. It is also used for general domestic, commercial and industrial applications for fixed applications.

Switch Plus is a unique 5 core yellow TPS cable, developed for various lighting solutions and an effective solution for confined areas by reducing the number of cable runs.

Suitable for use in bathroom heat/light and fan units and outdoor sensor lighting, this product makes 2-way circuits and intermediate switching easier and more flexible, especially in modern lighting systems that have LED’s or dimmers.

The Nexans Switch Range comes with Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP) accreditation.

Protect what you value

Alert is a 2 core TPS cable designed specifically with a red sheath for identification in domestic and residential applications, particularly Rest Homes and Apartment Blocks.

Manufactured with safety in mind for evacuation systems,smoke detectors and fire alarms, Alert is made to AS/NZS standards, maintaining safe core configuration and using Best Environmental Practice PVC (BEP).

EcoPower for Green Building

Envirolex® Flat is a PVC free cable made with low smoke zero halogen materials that reduce harmful gas and smoke emissions that hinder fire evacuation. Envirolex® is an enhanced performance cable designed for its general power and lighting purposes for green building projects and specified with safety in mind due to their flame retardant and non-propagating abilities to help reduce the spread of fire.

Envirolex is non-migratory and suitable for polystyrene building applications.

Discover the benefits of Envirolex

Building Solutions for a Healthy & Sustainable Future

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