The history of Nexans in the South Pacific

Nexans / Olex in the South Pacific has a rich history which is deeply rooted in ANZAC comradery; a trans-Tasman connection that goes back to 1940 when cable manufacturing was first established in Australia. 

Origins from across the Tasman

Nexans Olex (Australia) has a cabling making history spanning more than 75 years.

Olex has a strong and proud Aussie heritage. The brand is a pairing of two great Australian companies, Olympic Consolidated Industries Limited and Nylex Corporation Limited. Both first pioneered cable production within a few months of each other: Olympic producing Australia’s first vulcanised rubber insulated cable, and Nylex producing a range of plastic insulated cables for the armed services during the Second World War.

Until that time, Australia had relied on imported electrical cables.

Today Olex remains the strongest player in their local market, with a brand reputation renowned for quality, innovation, and trust - sentiments echoed in New Zealand too.

Our 'better together' belief means that we can support and leverage each other's strengths, with both factories working to supply and service our corner of the globe. 

Our kiwi roots span over 5 decades

In 1967 Canada and New Zealand Associated Cable Co constructed a purpose-built factory was constructed in Bell Block, New Plymouth. Producing a range of low voltage and aerial cables as well as medium voltage via the state-of-the-art CCV line, Olex was well positioned to supply the local market. These cables immediately went to supply the New Zealand market as well as provide a supplementary supply to our sister company in Australia, and later, our cousins in the Pacific.

Through a natural course of ownership changes, mergers, and brand evolutions, the company remained Olex for several years before Nexans acquired Olex Cables in Australia and New Zealand in 2006. 

In 2015 the New Zealand company fully united with the global brand to become Nexans New Zealand Limited.

Under the Nexans brand our respective customers can benefit from the same local expertise as well as a range of proven solutions from our partnership network around the globe.

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