Long-Life Medium Voltage Cable

Nexans has an impressively long history as a pioneer in the design and manufacture of quality medium voltage cables in New Zealand.

Over 50 years of medium voltage innovation

We are the largest power cable manufacturer in NZ and we pride ourselves on delivering MV cable that has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years. Our technical experts have been with us from the start, and our experience is what you can trust when it comes to long-life cables.

Nexans, then known as CANZAC cables, was the first to manufacture crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) cables in the Southern Hemisphere and was the first to replace taped semi-conductive screens with electrically superior extruded layers.

We have collaborated with our compound suppliers for over 50 years to provide the best tree retardant crosslinked polyethylene (TR-XLPE) material available on the market today. We have thorough standards for our other raw materials as well.

Our test procedures, highly experienced team and specialised equipment all combine to ensure that applicable AS/NZS standards are met. Investing in our cable gives you the very best in design, materials, refined manufacturing processes and quality test systems.

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Long Life MV Cables

Constructing long-life cables

A - We use the highest grades of copper and aluminium and the latest stranding technology in manufacturing over 2 million metres of compacted MV conductors per year.

B - Utilising our state of the art triple extrusion line, raw materials are conveyed from a pressurised clean room to ensure the extruded compounds are free from voids and contaminants. The 3-layer insulated core is monitored in-line, using x-ray technology, to measure key parameters such as wall thickness and concentricity.

C - Expertly controlled metallic screening and cabling processes ensure the cable meets our individual customer's various fault rating requirements.

D - Sheathing layers are applied on our thermoplastic extrusion lines where electronic diameter controllers again provide highly accurate in-process control.

Watch: the history of medium voltage manufacturing at the New Plymouth factory.

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