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Enjoy your day at work with innovative user-friendly products and solutions.

Installer on site - enjoy your day at work

At Nexans, you can be sure that everything is cared for. We provide high technology cables that are flexible for installers to work with. Our shipments are delivered on time and we always take extra notice on safety issues. Simply because we believe in a close relationship with our clients.

Of course we can provide nearly every type of cable that can be found in a modern building: cables for power, lighting, air conditioning, elevators, security - and more! 

Whether you are a buyer, installer, building owner or fire fighter – team up with a partner that lets you enjoy your day at work.

Nexans’ products and packaging solutions combine technology and design to :

  • Provide comfort and easiness
  • Reduce time, waste and effort
  • Increase productivity
  • Create an eco-friendly environment

Nexans is committed to innovating constantly its offers to help installers improve both efficiency and competitiveness.

Nexans' added value solutions:

Transportation & Storage

Cables should be well protected against jolting collision and dampness during transportation and storage. Easiness and optimization of storage are also required. Nexans has improved its packaging solutions to answer these needs, and has created handy pack lengths in addition to bulk drums.


Installers handle frequently cables in warehouse and at job site, packaging should help achieve operations safely and easily. Nexans provides innovative handling solutions designed to satisfy these demands, such as pack length spools in 100m and 200m.

Our EASYSPOOL™ innovation simplifies the transportation, handling and installation process. Able to be easily wheeled on the site, it can also ascend stairs with a simple and easy adaption, and is designed to carry up to 6 spools at a time.


It is the most important step to enhance installers’ efficiency and competitiveness. Nexans understands this and aims at providing real changes to installation process to help make it easier and faster.
Nexans makes its cables easier to pull, to strip, to bend during installation. It provides more resistant cables and useful guidance to reduce waste.
Moreover, Nexans offers eco-friendly solutions thanks to the recyclability of its cables and packagings in order to help save costs, reduce waste, and increase productivity.

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