What is DTS?
Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) is a branch of condition monitoring whereby the temperature of an optical fibre, at any point along its route, can be determined with a high degree of accuracy. Essentially, a DTS operates by firing a laser pulse down an optical fibre, as the pulse travels along the fibre part of the signal is reflected back in the opposite direction. The temperature sensitive component of the 'backscatter', as it is called, is then sampled with the time of sampling from when the pulse was originally transmitted being used to determine the point of measurement along the fibre. The combination of these points of measurement is used to develop a temperature profile of the optical fibre.

How is DTS applied to Power Cables?
Increasingly, High and Extra High Voltage Underground Cables are being manufactured with an optical fibre incorporated in such a way that it is either adjacent to the conductor insulation or as close as is practical. A profile of the conductor/s temperature can then be extrapolated from the fibre temperature and this temperature can then be used as a basis for a system rating calculation.

Example of DTS Trace for direct buried power cable

What can we do?

  • The Design of DTS systems to meet specific customer requirements.
  • Technical support in the sales of Sensa DTS systems
  • Monitoring service where requested by customer.
  • Periodic monitoring of transmission and distribution underground systems using Nexans own DTS unit.
  • Training of personnel in the use of DTS Technology

Who are Sensa?
Sensa is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of a new generation of fibre optic sensors which enable our customers to proactively manage and effect the performance of their assets. The company was established in 1996 in England, and is now part of the Schlumberger group.

Nexans is a key distributor of Sensa DTS products for power cables applications for the South East Asia and Pacific Regions. We can offer and provide support for other DTS equipment/systems.

Typical Monitoring System at Vector Ltd (New Zealand)

Technical Papers:
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