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Instrolex® is the leading instrumentation range from Nexans.

In busy industrial environments these cables are required to transmit clean and uncorrupted signals to and from critical machinery. In such applications there is often a high level of electromagnetic interference, and Instrolex® robust design delivers optimal performance, making it perfect for all applications. Instrolex Group


Now with tinned conductors and a reduced flame propogation sheath, Instrolex® can be used in a multitude of different environments, including geothermal and in area's with a high sulphur atmospheric level.


The range covers a variety of configurations, making it easy to find the cable best suited to installation. Designs include shielded and numbered twisted pairs or triples; paired configurations are offered with a galvanised steel wire armour option for additional mechanical protection.


Instrolex® is manufactured to strict design parameters to achieve reliable data transmission, accurate process control, and optimal performance. 

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