Introducing Nexans Flexibles


Developed for use in building and industrial applications, Flexibles has the flexibility to make your installation easy, with proven performance across a diverse range of operating environments.


Flexibles is a full range of single and multicore cable sizes to meet any project requirements particulary for installation in tight spaces, so projects are completed faster. We have reliable project turnaround with stock available.





Envirolex® is an extensive range of flame retardant cable developed for industrial applications. Engineered to reduce environmental impact under fire conditions and assist in reducing emissions of harmful gases that may hinder evacuation process during fire. Envirolex® has been built with safety in mind whilst retaining excellent mechanical and electrical properties.


Suitable For

Mains, sub-mains to final circuits for high traffic environments where public safety during fire is important.





Alsecure® Fire Rated range of cables are designed to preserve circuit integrity of essential services and electrical equipment during fire. Alsecure® Plus 110, is a MICA Tape layer that acts as protective barrier during fire. These cables meet the WS52W fire test in accordance with AS/NZS 3013.


Suitable For

Mains/sub-mains power, lighting, alarms, pumps and other essential services for high traffic public place such as shopping centres, government buildings, data centres, airports, hospitals and tunnels.





Versolex® Single and Multicore power cables are specialised industrial cables developed for the demanding market conditions. This multipurpose flexible cords and cable has been designed for use in commercial, building, OEM and industrial applications, including switchgear, welding and submersible (up to 500m). The Versolex range delivers excellent and environmental properties, including resistance to moisture, chemicals and oils. It is more flexible and physically tougher than PVC with the configuration of XLPE insulation combined with TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) sheathing.


Suitable For

Main/sub-mains power for residential and commercial buildings where easy installation is needed compared to stranded conductor. Easy to bend and reach tight corners with less time.





Now with a new flexible conductor, Nexans VSD flexible cables are specially designed to deliver better EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) performance than traditional braided cable. With increased shielding effectiveness, it improves transfer impedance, making it ideal for a variety of applications in manufacturing, tunnels and processing plants including motors, pumps, compressors, conveyer belts and other machinery.


Suitable For

Connecting Variable Speed Drive to motors, pumps, compressors, conveyer belts, other machinery, and tunnels, requiring either soft start and/or continuously variable speed.





Powerlex® flexible cords are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications including domestic, industrial, and commercial environments. The range consists of Ordinary Duty cords that have been designed to meet AS/NZS 3191. Made with PVC insulation and PVC sheath, under PVC Best Practice manufacturing processes and will contribute to your Green Star Rating. It can be ordered in one long length rather than connecting multiple shorter lengths for ease of handing at job sites.


Suitable For

Domestic and commercial environments including offices, for use in homes as extension leads, connecting to commercial equipment, manufacturing and industrial applications.



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