Introducing Nexans EASYSPOOL!



You spoke, we listened!

Nexans understands that there's a need to simplify cable handling and installation. 

So we've constructed "tradie's best mate" - the EASYSPOOL™!

Safety is key to ensure that the EASYSPOOL™ carries no more than 150kg. The design is constructed to carry a maximum load of 6 cable spools. * Built to fit all Nexans spools from 100m - 200m.


Standards and compliance

EASYSPOOL™ has been designed and constructed in accordance with the relevant Australian/NZ standards for materials, fasteners and assembly; ensuring structural integirty and longevity. Some of the applicable standards are:

AS/NZS 5131 - structural steelwork - fabrication and erection

AS/NZS 1554 - strutural steel welding set

AS/NZS 3678 - structural steel

AS/NZS 1170 - structural design actions


Features and benefits

Easyspool Handling Images



Assembly Instructions

1 - Assemble the main frame to the base frame with bolt/nut provided.

2 - Attach the wheel on the extension bar on the base frame with bolt/washer provided.

3 - Firstly attach the spool spine to the bottom base frame with the long bolt provided, then connect the top of the spool spine to the main frame and secure it with the threaded knob provided.

4 - You can clip the toolbox on the bars for additional storage.



This is an overview of a fully assembled Easyspool of single wheel and 3 wheel options.

Easyspool can be easily stored at the back of the ute once folded down to minimise space.

Assembly Instructions 2


Australian Customers Recommend...




"Personally, I haven't seen anything like this trolley before, It's a great design. It makes life a lot easier, being able to load up multiple drums of cable in one go. Saved us heaps of time on the job! It's a lot safer having it here as you're not pulling it around bends and corners so you can see where the cable's coming from".

- Adam Camenzuli, L+O Technologies


To order - see your local wholesaler!