New Zealand launches Nexans EASYCALC

Introducing Nexans EASYCALCTM - the cable sizing tool that determines the correct cable size for your installation.

EASYCALCTM is a comprehensive and easy to use tool anywhere, anytime. Whether you're at your desk, in the workshop, on the road, or in the trench, search for quick and easy cable calculations on-the-spot!

Free web and app versions in both iOS and Android available.

EASYCALCTM makes it easy to enter information and find results:

  • Current or power of circuit (amp or kW)
  • Required length (m)
  • Voltage drop calculation/s
  • Your required cable type (single core, multicore, Cu or Al)
  • Installation conditions (air or underground)
  • Soil resistivity and ambient temperatures
  • Installation configuration
  • Heat sources affecting the performance of your cable/circuit

Keep a record of your search summary and have the cable datasheets emailed directly to you, or someone else. It's free and easy!


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