ALSECURE® PREMIUM 300/500 V replaces ALSECURE® PLUS 300/500 V

ALSECURE®PREMIUM 300/500 V, the new fire resistant cable much more stronger.

ALSECURE®PREMIUM is the new range of fire resistant cables for small cross sections, from 1,5 mm² to 4 mm² , with 2 to 5 conductors.

It is used where there is a requirement that cable should continue to work during a fire, such as systems for emergency evacuation.

Most of the issues that installers were facing when installing the old products were linked to the fact that the product was too soft and could easily be damaged or mashed.

 Alsecure Premium 300/500V

The insulation of the new cable is made of the Nexans patented INFIT™ material, enabling the cable to be much more resistant to shock and scratches and at the same time much more easy to install as it is easy to strip and easy to bend to go through tight angles.

ALSECURE®PREMIUM 300/500 V will replace ALSECURE® PLUS 300/500 V step by step during the spring of 2012.


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