Introducing Nexans Envirolex

As seen in Electrolink July/August 2018 (Issue 127)

Envirolex Range


Envirolex cables are designed to ensure safety

Toxic fumes and smoke emissions are the greatest threat to human life in event of fire. Nexans have engineered away to create a safer environment so you can breathe easy.

Envirolex is an extensive range of flame retardant cables engineered for enhanced performance under fire conditions. These low-smoke, zero-halogen cables have a hard wearing, lead-free, flame retardant sheath that dramatically reduces health risks as well as environmental impact. Envirolex cables are also non-migratory and suitable for polystyrene applications.

Designed to ensure safer cabling in public places like hospitals, airports, and tunnels, Envirolex is also designed to support green and sustainable building projects. The cables have a higher performance rating and produce minimal smoke and hazardous fumes than your traditional PVC sheathed cables.

These special properties aid visibility and ensure better air quality in a fire evacuation while greatly reducing damage to electrical and mechanical equipment. The Envirolex range of cables are manufactured with a unique sheathing compound using a non-PVC HFS-90-TP plastic material, ensuring the cables are PVC-free, flexible in installation, and unlikely to cause corrosive damage to metallic equipment after being doused in a fire.


This range is compliant with AS/NZS 5000 series and flame tested to AS/NZ1660-5.3, 5.4 & 5.6. The Envirolex 2C+e TPS has a denser, less pliable sheath and is available in 1.5, 2.5, 4 and 6 mm. Envirolex circular power cables are a flexible class 5/6 conductor and come in single and multi-core options with sizing options ranging from 16 mm up to 630 mm in single core, up to 10 mm in 3C+e, and 35mm in 4C+e.


* Low smoke emission for increased visibility during evacuation.

* Low flame propagation, ensuring minimal spread of fire.

* Reduced toxicity from hazardous fumes.

* Non-migratory in polystyrene.

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