Producing over 20,000 different cables throughout its two manufacturing sites, Nexans is Australasia’s largest power cable manufacturer.

Each site has been designed to efficiently manufacture specific product groups to cater for the needs of the industry. The list below has been designed to give you an indication of the breadth of product produced at each site.

New Plymouth, New Zealand

  • Low voltage PVC and XLPE cables
  • Medium voltage TR-XLPE
  • Building wires
  • Flexible cables
  • Multicore control cables
  • Steel wire armoured cables
  • Industrial cables

Lilydale, Victoria

  • Low voltage PVC and XLPE power cable (copper conductors between 16mm2 and 800mm2)
  • Flexible specialities, including
    • Single core
    • Single core double insulated (SDI)
    • Circular armoured and non armoured
    • Multi core control cables armoured and non armoured
    • Signalling cables
    • Fire retardant
    • Flexible cords and cables

Nexans has achieved internationally recognised certification for quality systems operating within two Australasian manufacturing sites. Certification to the internationally accepted AS/NZS ISO 9001 has been achieved by Nexans sites in New Zealand and Australia. Nexans certification covers the complete supply process from initial enquiry and contract review, through design, production, handling and delivery of the finished product.