Nexans History

Power cables have been manufactured and tested at the Nexans New Zealand Bell Block (New Plymouth) factory since 1967.

Nexans strong background and tradition goes back to 1940 when the cables industry was first established.

The Nexans Timeline

1940 - a division of Olympic Tyres began making insulated cables for the armed services and a new factory for the cables group was opened in Footscray, Victoria, Australia.

1946 - Olympic Cables Ltd was formed as a separate company.  

1948 - 1950 - Whilst Olympic Cables was beginning to grow, so too was Nylex Corporation. Although Nylex Corporation’s main focus was moulded plastic products, it too ventured into cable manufacturing. During the 1948 to 1950 period, a cable plant was established in Lilydale, Victoria and thus Nylex Cables was formed.

1956 - 26 acres of land was acquired in the neighbouring suburb of Tottenham, Victoria, for the erection of a new cable factory.

1967 - Canzac Cables (A Division of Tolley Industries Limited) was established in Bell Block, New Plymouth, New Zealand. 

1973 - Olympic Cables and Nylex Cables merged to form Olex Cables on the first of July 1973.

1980 - Dunlop acquired Olympic Consolidated Industries and therefore, 50% of Olex Cables.

1981 - Pacific Dunlop purchased Nylex Cables’s 50% interest to become outright owners of Olex Cables. Pacific Dunlop also purchased Burton Cables. 

1983 - As part of its expansion program, Pacific Dunlop purchased another cable company – Spinaway Cables. Having been in the industry for over 30 years at the time, Spinaway had a niche market that Pacific Dunlop believed would compliment and enhance its current stable of products.  

1984 - The organisation decided to enter the New Zealand market and did so by acquiring Canzac Cables. Canzac Cables, at the time, was New Zealand’s second largest cable manufacturer. Rather than trade under its purchased name, the New Plymouth based operation was re-named Olex Cables New Zealand.  

1994 - Burton and Spinaway Cables continued to trade independently until 1994, when Pacific Dunlop merged the two companies to form National Cables.  

1999 - On 31 May 1999, Pacific Dunlop Limited sold its Cables Group business in Australia and New Zealand to the Management Buyout Consortium (MBO). The MBO Consortium is a partnership of Olex senior management, AMP Asset Management and Catalyst Investment Managers.  

2002 - National Cables and Olex Cables merged to form the re-branded Olex.

2006 - In November 2006, the MBO Consortium sold its shares in Olex Holdings to Nexans. The acquisition by Nexans became effective on 1 December 2006, and both the New Zealand and Australian entities were named "Olex - A Nexans Company".

2012 - The next transitional step was to create the "Nexans Olex" identity with the dominant global brand prefixing the smaller Trans-Tasman brand.

2015 - The final step in the acquisition transition for the New Zealand business was to formally embrace the global Nexans brand and become "Nexans New Zealand Limited". The name change was made official on May 21st 2015.