Breakthrough Technologies

INFIT™ fits right in to fight fires


Fire-resistant cables ensure the integrity and continued operation of vital circuits during critical evacuation and fire fighting efforts in accordance with the highest national and international standards. To achieve this level of performance and optimize installation, Nexans developed a new range of “ceramifying” insulation materials called INFIT™


Zero electrical resistance for new applications


In two decades, a concentrated worldwide scientific effort, driven by international collaboration, has provided deep insight into basic material properties. Advances in superconductivity will profoundly impact power transmission transformers (for long-distance transmission), power storage devices, and smart grids.


Light and tight


Lo-Sag™ conductors are much lighter overhead conductors with a core made of carbon fibers embedded in a thermo-set matrix and outer layers of annealed aluminum or aluminum alloys. This conductor has high tensile strength and reduced linear expansion with extremely low sag.


ICEFLEX™ meets the Arctic challenge


Through an ongoing product development program for ultra-cold cables, Nexans has designed high-performance ICEFLEX™ cables that meet the Arctic challenge of severe cold, snow and even ice storms . They also provide safety and security for industrial installations and people through enhanced fire performance.


The growing practice of virtual testing


Simulation is getting more and more sophisticated, with many fields of activity open to the numerical simulation approach today. Cable designs are subjected to rapid and repeated tests through a computerized model, simulating mechanical, thermal, electrical or even fire conditions.


All for one, and one for all!


Easyfil ® is a patented innovation (References: FR 2940499  (A1) and WO 2010072934 (A1) ), consisting of several pre-assembled insulated wires for the electrical wiring of residences. Developed for busy electricians, it uses an easily-strippable, pliable “binder” to squeeze from 3 to 5 separate wires into a single bundle, thus saving space and time, and facilitating installation.


Tiny particles pack big punch


Nanomaterials have fabulous potential to develop more efficient and more reliable cables. Nexans has been one of the pioneers in the use of nanoclays in fire safety cables providing enhanced fire resistance. Developments are also focusing on electrical purposes: i.e. carbon nanotubes for semi-conductive applications, nanofillers for HV cables, etc.