Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


To evaluate the environmental impact of its products, Nexans relies on innovative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software. It rigorously measures the environmental impact of any cable: from the extraction of raw materials used in its composition to end-of-life disposal and recycling. It also includes processing, manufacturing, distribution, use, repair and maintenance.




There are in the Nexans’ technical community many experts in various fields such as materials science, extrusion processes, metallurgy, cable design, etc. In order to efficiently manage new developments, these experts are daily using various scientific methodologies, including modeling, multivariate data analysis and design of experiments (DOE).


Platforms for innovation


To improve the cable reliability and develop new cables, Nexans disposes of several testing platforms: labs to characterize material properties and determine their electrical performance (up to 500kV);  mechanical test centers to evaluate cables under repeated stress combining flexion, traction and torsion;  fire test platforms to test cables under various fire scenarios.


Aging in the lab


Mechanical testing is performed in Nexans Research Centers. Machines are dedicated to the testing of cables or components under various physical conditions. It is usually used to evaluate the reliability of the cables under repeated stress and prolonged duress.