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Our commitment to sustainability

Our business purpose is to live our core values by ensuring our products offer lasting benefit to all our key stakeholders – People, Partners, Products and our Planet.

We must all help and work together to solve climate heating; promote healthy resilient communities; remove toxicity from our industry; build vital biodiversity and importantly empower people by addressing inequality and exclusion. Nexans New Zealand is proud to play a leading role in creating our prosperous future.


Our People

We have been contributing to the NZ economy as an innovative and local manufacturer and supplier of electrical products and cable. This means local jobs, many of them longstanding families embedded in our business, proudly working alongside the upcoming generations.

Committed to a supportive workplace, we value individuals and diversity at all levels of our business and continuously empower our employees to engage on social responsibility issues.


Our Partners

We maintain a sustainable stakeholder relationship by embedding leadership based on compliance. All our vendors agree to and sign our corporate social responsibility charter. This covers our approach to a sustainable future and ethical trade with a commitment to take actions that avoid illegal behavior and un-ethical material sourcing.

With a solutions focus, we have partnered with our community for positive and rapid change in New Zealand. Working with organisations such as Living Futures NZ Rakeiora, to promote transformational Living Buildings, which eliminate Red List toxic chemicals, and also the NZGBC to accelerate the development and adoption of market-based green buildings in New Zealand.


Our Products and our Planet

Our experienced business teams work together with both customers and suppliers to learn about and enable a sustainable circular economy whilst operating within a competitive market.

We guarantee collaboration with our stakeholders, with the view to optimizing resource and labour efficiency. We have an end of life management system, this is our promise to accept back cables, drums and pallets for reuse or recycling that are no longer serviceable.

Building products and their supply chains in New Zealand are not inherently sustainable. Many contain Red List (worst in class) toxic chemicals that are harmful to people and planet. At end of life, building materials contribute 40-50 percent of New Zealand’s total waste to landfill. This is a huge opportunity to avoid waste and carbon emissions and preventing harm to living beings.

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Nexans NZ Sustainability Report 2021

Unique products to support our mission

To help create healthy and sustainable buildings in New Zealand, we have developed a unique offering.

Our ENVIROLEX® and ALSECURE® range of cables are 50-89% recyclable at end of life, and made with non-toxic and PVC free materials that last over 50 years.

These products have a ‘Red List Free’ Declare label status suitable for the stringent Living Building Challenge program, and contribute credit in the New Zealand Green Building Council's GreenStar and HomeStar residential green building tool.

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Given the current reality in the construction industry — which alone accounts for 40% of global energy consumption — players at all levels in this market are beginning to move towards sustainable buildings.

sustainable building is :

  • Comfortable, safe and reliable place to live and work.  
  • Designed to achieve energy efficiency and optimize the use of energy during its life cycle.
  • Designed and built to have a low environmental impact all along its life cycle, including carbon footprint.

Nexans’ response to these varying challenges combines several products and specific services, for any type of building, whether it involves residential housing, public and office buildings, or industrial sites.

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Cable-Solutions-for-Sustainable-Building-& Infrastructure

Alex Reiche
“ When it comes to best practice PVC, or PVC minimisation in Green Star buildings, specifying Nexans cables is a sure way to help achieve those goals. You can rest assured the product information has been independently reviewed by EnviroSpec, and comes with all the compliance and supporting documentation required for your submission to the NZGBC. ”
Alex Reiche
Director - Senior Consultant, EnviroSpec

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