Drum and Spool Returns

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All Nexans (Olex) branded drums, plastic spools, WIMA Stillages and pallets can be organised to be picked up from the customers premises and returned to the Nexans factory, by filling out the form below.


Toll Transport and Nexans have created this process to reduce the amount of waste and re-use these items back into circulation.

As part of the Nexans New Zealand Environmental Policy, we should conduct our business with respect and care for the environment and by returning these items to our factory for re-use back into circulation we are helping limit the amount of waste going to landfill.


The customer does not have to collect a large amount of these items on their premises before a collection can be made, they can place a collection order for only one item if they wish.


Returns Process:

  1. Fill out returns form
  2. Save to computer
  3. Send to the Toll email address: nexansdrumreturns@tollgroup.com 
  4. Wait 24-48 hours for truck to arrive for pick up


Conditions of Returns:

  1. Only Nexans (Olex) drums will be accepted
  2. Pick up drivers: Drums not up to standard are NOT to be uplifted
  3. Check for rot, splits, cracks and broken flanges, especially where the drum may have been sitting for a long time on the ground in one place - even a small piece of rot on the flange is not be be returned
  4. Check barrel - make sure reel core is in good condition (no rot, not broken or split).

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