Medium Voltage

Nexans Olex Medium Voltage cables are designed in accordance with AS/NZS 1429.1 and specific customer requirements where applicable to provide optimum performance for the end application.

The AS/NZS 1429.1 is compatible with, and in some instances exceeds, the requirements of the international standard IEC 60502.2. AS/NZS 1429.1 is also compatible with (UK) BS 6622 and (US) AEIC CS5 and (US) ICEA S-93-639/NEMA WC74 (United States).

All Nexans Olex Medium Voltage TR-XLPE insulated cables are produced under clean room conditions, using the triple extrusion process in which the conductor screen, insulation and insulation screen are extruded simultaneously through a single extrusion head. The surface of the insulation is never exposed to the atmosphere or to any material other than the adjacent semiconductive screens, ensuring that the interfaces between the materials are completely free of voids and contamination.

The cross-linking process is carried out in a totally water free environment, using heated nitrogen gas rather than stream as the curing medium. This dry cure process ensures a high integrity insulation and leads to excellent electrical performance.

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