Glands & Accessories

CMP is a leading brand of metallic cable glands and accessories developed for use in a wide variety of market sectors and industries.  These high quality products are supplied to the New Zealand market by Nexans Olex.

Product Range

  • A2 Industrial Glands
  • A2F Dual Certified EEx'd' & EEx'e' Glands
  • CW Industrial Glands 
  • VSD Gland
  • E1FW Triple Certified EEx'd', EEx'e' & EEx'nR' Glands 
  • CX/Z Industrial Glands 
  • PX2K Flameproof EEx'd' Glands
  • Locknuts
  • Earth Tags 
  • Entry Thread Seals
  • PVC Shrouds

For certification certificates please go to the CMP website  CMP Products Certification Certificates

For more information on CMP products please call our technical team on 06 755 9838.


Can I use CMP A2 Glands on Varolex® ? And if so, what do I do with the copper tape?

You should use an A4 gland. This gland has been specifically designed to give a 360 degree contact to the copper tape, to enable the full EMC performance of the cable and drive system to be obtained.

What are the correct lugs and links for use on compacted conductors?

Stranded compacted conductors, either round or sector shaped, must have lugs and links fitted that are manufactured for the same nominal cross-sectional area as the conductor. Although the lug or link will appear to be loose on the conductor, this is simply because the initial compression of the joint has already taken place during the manufacture of the conductor; the final compression of the joint will be correct. If, for example, a 120mm2 lug or link was fitted to a 150mm2 conductor, the joint would be over-compressed and likely to fail in service. In addition, the smaller lug in itself would be unable to carry the same maximum current as the larger conductor, particularly with respect to fault currents. Olex New Zealand Limited manufactures conductors to be compatible with lugs and links normally available in New Zealand.

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